Demo 2012

by Both Goners

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Written by Micheal Lee, Aaron Mong, Sean Reel, Randy Nee, and Rory McAllister
Recorded by Jered Youngbar @ Motion Audio Studios


released March 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Both Goners Hagerstown, Maryland

We are a band called Both Goners.

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Track Name: Sepia
My hands were the only thing that was free
My wrists held tight by my sleeves
As I awake another man's wife
Without a cost
I've been trying something new
Tying knots around my vices til the flesh turns black
But as soon as they are buried
They are sooner more ready to go back
To go back

I'm just trying to get by
So I can feel assured that I mean something
You always said I need to be more confident

My mind was the only thing never free
Ripping price tags from tissue like a thief
Anything to keep myself detached
Arms length distance
The safest option
Empty pockets will always keep me
(I'll throw you my pity change.
The concept you could never fully grasp.)
The concept of value
That you and I use
Will make us cheaper than the rest
Cheaper than the rest

I'm just trying to get by
So I can stop telling myself that I'm worth nothing
I promise to get better
But I probably won't get better

But for as long as I can remember, I've never had a shot. I've never meant a lot, but for as long as I can remember, "We always said you were so expensive. We always never meant it."

Your lack of honesty's destroying the world.
Your lack of faith and trust is destroying this world

I've never had a lot to offer
Never learned how to receive
So anything that holds a value
Is nothing but valueless to me
I cut it up with a toothbrush down my throat
And every cut has bled me dry
How do you look at yourself?
I never learned how to be stable
So I'll never start to try

[I don't know how to be stable.
I don't know how to be free.
Because look where it got me.

because look where it gets me
I just hate all my friends
And if I'm honest well,
I hate you
And if you knew me
You'd hate me, too

But at least in here
I'll have some peace and quiet
Only light that's honest
Is ultra violent
Ultraviolet ultra violence
Ultra violent

3 more days
Until i can call myself
A person again
I'm getting baptised next Sunday
And I have never felt so dead
Track Name: It Was More Than Just Pneumonia
We go way back
That kid was my best friend
We lived in the same town
Right there on Baltimore
Until the lights went out
Sit at the park and smoke cigarettes
Because everybody knows
All of our best friends
Have turned into ghosts

Told everybody
About this one guy
He was special
We all loved him
Now he's an angel
He loves Jesus
Was moving to Charlotte
Before he departed
Met his mom once
She seemed lovely
We were like brothers or something
He had blue eyes
Or maybe they were green
But it doesn't matter
(Cause so did everyone)
Cause we had something

We never stayed out late at night
We never wasted days getting high
We never talked about our lives
We never even spoke a word
[We never shared any good or bad times. I barely knew the guy, but the day he died]
Adam was my best friend
[I died.]
We didn't have to be that close
Because everyone knows
All my best friends turn into

Even if he died
That's alright
Cause he lives inside
You and I
And everyone we know
Well, He was sicker than you think
But what kind of parents would say a thing?

I can't wait to die
So I can have best friends, too